iScanOnline - Automated discovery of sensitive data and vulnerabilities

iScanOnline - Automated discovery of sensitive data and vulnerabilities
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Automated. Cost effective. Real-time.

The secure cloud-based solution is immediately deployed and provides intelligence within 24 hours. It includes an automated and patented process of Discovery, an Analytics Engine and a Dashboard.


iScan automatically scans virtually every device on and off the network (servers, PCs, and mobile devices) for at-risk unprotected data, who has access to that data and what vulnerabilities leave it exposed.

Discovery includes devices across Microsoft, Mac OS and Linux platforms, including cloud platforms such as those hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). iScan’s Discovery is a breakthrough in non-intrusive means to gather real data. Two patents have been awarded on the process.

iScan Discovery identifies:


iScan discovers the number and types of unprotected data. Virtually any type of data can be discovered, including:

  • PII - personal identifiable information
  • PAN - cardholder primary account number data
  • IP - intellectual property
  • trade secrets

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Data Breach Risk


Vulnerabilities allow thieves access to the data. The severity and number of vulnerabilities throughout the organization is detected.

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Most data is lost through human mistakes. iScan identifies users with access to files where sensitive data is discovered. For additional intelligence, iScan provides a digital fingerprint of the file, most commonly used for incident investigation with technical details of MD5 and SHA hashes.

Data Breach Risk


An analytics engine performs advanced data analysis and financial calculations, with speed and scalability for thousands of devices. These calculations are built into the tool and based on industry standards. They can also be customized.



Graphics map the likelihood and severity of cyber attacks by types of data. Data can be displayed as a point in time or as trend data over time. A CISO can see a view of their organization with a prioritized list of remediation targets, improving the allocation of resources and having ready evidence of progress for the Board.

Data Breach Prevention