PetaGys Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance Appliance

PetaGys Disaster Recovery & Business Continuance Appliance
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The PetaGys Powered by Oracle Solaris integrates correctly-sized hardware and data protection software into a complete onsite back up, offsite cloud,  and business continuance solution. The appliance enables a fast and hassle-free setup of a comprehensive disaster recovery environment. The all-in-one solution fits perfectly for midsize IT environments with a strong support of virtualization.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Integrates correctly-sized system platform and leading data protection software 
  • Easy and fast deployment, simple to purchase
  • Maximizes resources
  • Budget security

Backup, archiving and deduplication capabilities within one appliance
  • Managing the complete data lifecycle efficiently
  • Reduce network requirements and storage costs

Pre-loaded, pre-configured and scalable solution
  • Reduces project time and risks
  • Supports high data growth while providing investment protection


Technical details

Type Integrated Backup Appliance
Capacity 2 TB - 96 TB
Ethernet Ports 6 x 1 GbE, 2 x 10 GbE MMF 
Fibre Channel Ports 2 x 8 GbFC
SAS Ports (external) 8 x 6 GbSAS
Appliance Software functions Backup and Recovery for file, Archiving, Replication, unlimited file clients, unlimited NAS clients, unlimited VMs, Virtual Machine Archiving, Deduplication to disk, Primary and Secondary copy encryption
Appliance Software options Application support, Snapshot, Snapshot replication, Tape attachment