Co-Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Co-Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Co-Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
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The foundation for a robust IT security is a properly configured and well tuned SIEM solution. Successful SIEM deployments require expertise and dedicated staff not always available to resource-constrained enterprises whose IT teams are already focused on other security and operational tasks.

Pain Points

SIEM-InsufficientStaff_Seesaw Insufficient staff: To succeed at SIEM you must buy the tools, grow the people, and mature the processes. SIEM-FailToPlan_Road Fail to plan, Plan to fail: Many organizations grossly underestimate the pre-work that is needed for a successful SIEM deployment.
SIEM-UndefinedScope_Maze2 Undefined scope: SIEM is a use-case driven technology. Use cases are implementation specific, unlike antivirus or firewalls. SIEM-ReducedEffectiveness_Head Confusing SIEM with Log Management: Attempting to throw everything at the SIEM reduces its effectiveness.
SIEM-ReducingNoise_Binary Reducing noise: An output-driven approach requires that data is admitted into the solution only when you have a clear understanding of its utility and presentation.    


Our Solution
Expert Co-Managed Services

SIEM Simplified, EventTracker’s award winning professional services team, augments your existing resources and allows you to remain focused on the unique requirements of your enterprise while actively leveraging our expertise.

SIEM-DedicatedAvail_SunMoon Dedicated Resources: The SIEM Simplified team is responsible your for EventTracker implementation so you can focus on the other demands of your job.
SIEM-Expertise_Reports Specific Expertise: The SIEM Simplified team possesses specific expertise and certifications including CISA, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, and MCP among others.
SIEM-ScaleScope_Cogs Scale and Scope: We know your resources are limited. We’re here to augment your IT staff and can scale our processes across your entire organization.

The SIEM Simplified staff works with your team to plan, scope, and install the implementation, then will run, watch and tune the implementation on your behalf. We know these are the critical difference between buying a SIEM and realizing the benefits of the purchase, and failing to derive the value you want and hope for with your initial purchase.