Corpoarate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

Above all else, Nuveric is an instrument for the betterment of underserved communities. We believe there is no legitimacy in free markets without a focus involving CSR. Creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than financial results. Nuveric places primary importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. Responsible business is not simply embedded within the Company’s Strategy, CSR drives Strategy across the business via our Corporate Responsibility agenda.

In particular, and with respect to high technology, the vast majority of our industry has not provided a fair and neutral playing field for women, or citizens of color. A part of this is privilege; having access to knowledge, education, and affinity groups. A larger component is the educational skill set of underrepresented communities. Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) begins in the 7th grade. If students have no access to both physical and peer environments conducive to technology, many will tend not to achieve in these areas. Thus, the ‘pipeline’ of qualified STEM candidates will continually be lacking. Integrated into the core fabric of our system is direct and deep involvement by potential great STEM individuals from our local communities.